mugen kyouiku branding and web design

branding, webdesign
Mugen Creations branches out to create an e-learning platform. the idea and basic structure has been created, yet a fitting design language is missing. we were tasked to help out. i created a logo as well as the design for the website. while focusing mainly on the design i also supported the development of the website and platform, which are both implemented within the logo draws reference to student’s graduation caps, stating the clear learning intent of the platform. for this project a modern, yet not overly playful design was in order, swaying from the usual japanese style website. i achieved this with using a lot of transparency, clear structures and illustrations interacting with each other. the website presents itself in a playful way, inviting the visitor to explore and join the platform. mixing this with a simple, modern design the website doesn’t overload its visitors with information while still providing everything needed. the actual platform provides users and admins with a helpful dashboard, allowing for access to more detailed information. every elements design is coherent throughout any page or role, making it easy to onboard and understand.