who? what? where?

誰? 何? どこ?

who, you ask? well, thank you for asking. of course it's me, louis

what? together we will improve your visuals

where? everywhere, tokyo atm

this is me

ART—WORK has been founded and is run by me, louis gersten (i’m the one in the picture). it started out as a place i used to develop and execute my creative work from. by now it has also evolved into a sort of platform that i use to connect my creative peers with one another and those who are looking for creative support. having worked in many different industries and for b2b as well as b2c companies, i understand the different needs that different business models have.

as an OfG alumnus in graphic design and further, practical experience in videography, photography and interior design, i was able to become well-versed in different design areas that give me a helpful overview of many disciplines. this allows me to direct many different types of projects – from branding and graphics to photography over to videography and even interior. with my additional b. sc. in computer computer science and marketing i added screen- and web design as well as software engineering to my skills, allowing me for an even broader insight and understanding of various industries.

as you can see learning for me is a big and important part of my life (after all, we can always learn something new in life, right?). and currently i am taking online courses to deepen my knowledge in architecture and creative coding.

i really think there is a lot of potential for creative input and output in today’s world and ART—WORK is my vision of taking all the input, combine it and put it out to all of you who are wanting to improve their creative capabilities.

if you would like to strengthen your brand, attract new and convince old customers to buy your products and services or to simply make your brand more attractive to your target audience, please contact me and let us improve your creativeness together.